20 Questions with On Your Feet's Christie Prades

Monday 22 July 2019

Taking on the iconic role of Gloria Estefan, is the energetic, enthralling and all round wonderful Christie Prades. Editor Olivia sat down with her to ask Christie 20 Questions about her life, career and of course On Your Feet. We found out her favourite food, advice for aspiring performers,  her spirit animal, what game show she'd like to compete against the Estefan's on, plus a whole lot more!

Featuring the hit songs of Gloria Estefan and Miami Sound Machine, On Your Feet is currently playing at the London Coliseum until August 31st, with tickets available from the official website: www.onyourfeetmusical.co.uk

If you're unable to get to London, the show is also going on a tour of the UK (dates and venues available here). 

Watch our full chat with Christie and some sneak peeks at the backstage area of the London Coliseum below or here.


  1. Those questions must be directly answered! I hope to receive some recommendations for aspiring performers! Maybe you could be able to provide any!

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