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Monday 22 July 2019

20 Questions with On Your Feet's Christie Prades

Taking on the iconic role of Gloria Estefan, is the energetic, enthralling and all round wonderful Christie Prades. Editor Olivia sat down with her to ask Christie 20 Questions about her life, career and of course On Your Feet. We found out her favourite food, advice for aspiring performers,  her spirit animal, what game show she'd like to compete against the Estefan's on, plus a whole lot more!

Featuring the hit songs of Gloria Estefan and Miami Sound Machine, On Your Feet is currently playing at the London Coliseum until August 31st, with tickets available from the official website:

If you're unable to get to London, the show is also going on a tour of the UK (dates and venues available here). 

Watch our full chat with Christie and some sneak peeks at the backstage area of the London Coliseum below or here.

20 Questions with On Your Feet's Christie Prades

Monday 22 July 2019

Friday 5 July 2019

Rhianne-Louise McCaulsky on Taking Her Version of Rizzo on Tour in Grease the Musical | Interview

Grease is the epitome of a cult-classic musical, after various revivals and reinventions, there's a new tour taking over the country. In this refreshed production, Rhianne-Louise McCaulsky takes on the iconic role of Rizzo and took the time to chat to us all about the experience...

Tell us a bit about your career and highlights so far? 
My first job out of college was cover Nabalungi/Swing in The Book Of Mormon (West End). I stayed there for a year and had the best time there. I then went into Bat Out Of Hell as ensemble/1st Cover Zahara. I have been so lucky to have the experiences I had and the memories I made on both of those jobs. We performed for Prince Harry, performed at Proms in the Park in front of thousands. Mental really. I’m now performing as Rizzo in Grease the UK and Ireland Tour and am having the time of my life. I’m so grateful for the career I’ve had so far.

You finished performing in Bat Out Of Hell at the beginning of the year which featured the iconic Jim Steinman music. Grease is a cult favourite, what’s it like bringing these well-loved songs and characters to life? 
It has been amazing learning and performing this well-loved musical. I grew up with Grease, my family and I watched it pretty much every weekend, I used to sing Hopelessly Devoted To You and There Are Worse Things I Could Do to my teddies in my room haha! So to be performing in it every night really is a dream come true. I never tire of the music and it’s been amazing getting to put my own stamp on the characters, particularly Rizzo. 

Rizzo is a very layered character, which sides of her are you most excited to discover and perform? 
Rizzo is a very layered character indeed. I wanted to try and explore as much of her as I can, and I’m still learning about her every performance I do. I love getting to play the fun, nonchalant side of her seen in Look At Me I’m Sandra Dee as well as the heartbroken side of her in There Are Worse Things I Could Do.

Does this production stick true to expectations from the movie? 
This production still has the fun loving elements from the film; however the creative team have really encouraged us to focus on the truth of the story. We are working class teenagers growing up in the 50s facing all sorts of problems such as body image, love triangles and pressures to fit into society. It’s a lot grittier than the film.

What part of touring are you most excited about? 
It’s my first tour so I’m super excited to get on the road. I think I’m most excited about seeing other parts of the country and exploring. I love travelling! 

If you could play any other character in the show, who would you play? 
If I could play any other character in the show it would have to be Kenickie. He is just so bloody cool! He also sings Greased Lightnin’ and that gets me pumped every time I hear it. 

What’s the last thing you do before you step out on stage? 
The last thing I do before I step on stage is usually drink some water, have a mint and take a couple of breaths just to focus myself. I start the show in the first wing on my own so it usually gives me time to get myself together and focus on the show. 

You have a five minute break in rehearsals, what are you doing? 
If I have 5 minutes in rehearsals I would probably be eating, ha! Or recapping dance steps usually. 

What’s a fun fact that people might not know about you? 
If I wasn’t an actress I would love to be a journalist. I love writing and talking to people. I have short novels that I have written at a young age in my room.

What’s your best piece of advice for an aspiring performer?
LOVE WHAT YOU DO! Keep yourself healthy and keep learning. Never stop working hard. See as much theatre as you can to keep your motivation going.

Grease is currently touring the UK and Ireland, information and tickets can be found here

Interview by Editor, Olivia Mitchell

photo credit: Manuel Harlan 

Rhianne-Louise McCaulsky on Taking Her Version of Rizzo on Tour in Grease the Musical | Interview

Friday 5 July 2019

Saturday 24 November 2018

A Stagey Guide to Singing... Mané Galoyan | La Traviata | Interview

Mané Galoyan is currently helming the UK tour of Glyndebourne's La Traviata where she plays the heartbreaking character of Violetta. Watching the opera, one thing was evident: Mané's voice and technique are second to none, so I jumped at the chance to get some inside information and tips all about singing from the lady herself...

Can you tell me a little about your vocal journey and training?
I started voice and piano lessons at the age of 9 and I’ve always been lucky because I had the best teachers. I hold my Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees from Yerevan State Komitas Conservatory, after which I was a studio artist at Houston Grand Opera for its 2015/16, 2016/17 and 2017/18 seasons.

Violetta is a vocally demanding role, how do you maintain your voice and vocal health?
For me, the only thing that is very important is a good night’s sleep. Since our instrument is our body itself, we just need to treat our body with respect and care, but nothing is better then a good night’s sleep and healthy food. Other than that, I live my life as I normally would (without any extremes, of course! ha ha)

Violetta is also an extremely emotional role, how do you distance yourself from the emotion so your voice remains strong and you're not overly affected by it personally?
The truth is, you can’t fully distance yourself from Violetta. It is an extremely relatable role and I remember when I first started working on the score I was sobbing reading through the text. But it is important to understand that you are not the character – you are just the one who gives voice to the character and keeps it alive. It is indeed a fine balance to keep the emotions and the technique on the same level, but that is the challenge and of course the rehearsals are there to help you to find it!

What is your pre-show warm up like?
I usually do at least 5-10 minutes of yoga to stretch my body and warm it up first. It’s much easier to warm up your voice after your body is warmed up and your breath is going. And then some humming, a couple of scales, check in with the score and ready to go!

Who is your dream duet partner?
A partner who is always present dramatically and who I can make beautiful music with! And right now I am very lucky to have Luis Gomes as my partner in La Traviata. He is the best!

If you could describe performing in 5 words, what would they be?
Sharing, living, exciting, transforming, loving.

What's your top piece of advice for aspiring singers?
Always be open to accept feedback from the professionals around you, but never forget to listen to your own intuition…

La Traviata is on again at the New Victoria Theatre on 24th November, before continuing it's tour.

Interview by Editor, Olivia Mitchell

A Stagey Guide to Singing... Mané Galoyan | La Traviata | Interview

Saturday 24 November 2018

In Conversation With... Rebecca Lock | Kiss Me Kate | Interview

Fresh from starring as Ms Fleming in Heathers, Rebecca Lock is tackling the tough but exciting role of Lilli in the Sheffield Crucible's production of Kiss Me, Kate. Rebecca chatted to us all about the show, how Lilli is an ever relevant character and what people can expect from this new production...

Can you tell us a little about Kiss Me, Kate and how your character, Lilli, fits in? 
Kiss Me, Kate is a Cole Porter musical about the inner workings of a travelling touring acting company and, in particular, about the tempestuous relationship between the two leading actors – Fred Graham and Lilli Vanessi – who are a newly divorced couple coming together for the first time in year to play opposite each other in The Taming of the Shrew. It’s a brilliant premise and you are taken on a journey of love, romance, mistaken identity and intrigue throughout. It’s a real whirlwind with tremendous highs and lows, beautiful music, incredibly dance routines, farce and a total transportation to the 1940’s world of glamour and Hollywood. It’s an absolute gift to any actor and I’m relishing every second of playing Lilli! 

Lilli is a very vocally taxing role, how do you go about tackling her and performing in a way to maintain your voice and vocal health?
The somersault vocals as Lilli/Kate are taxing but it’s something I’ve always loved in all the roles I’ve played in my career; a real diversity of style – one second a lilting soprano for Wunderbar, and then belting my head off in I Hate Men, then finishing Act One with a coloratura that would fit nicely at the ENO, it’s brilliant! Of course, I have to look after myself. I’m drinking plenty of water, sleeping plenty and doing all the steaming – I don’t think I’m going to be able to partake in the usual jollities this Christmas! Although, I’ll maybe manage to sneak in a medicinal glass of port... or two. 

What’s your favourite moment in Kiss Me, Kate
Oh, there are so many! At the moment i’m really loving all the fighting we’re [Edward Baker Duly who plays Fred/Petruchio] getting to do as our play-within-a-play characters, it’s awesome. No holds barred. 

In the era of #MeToo, Lilli seems like an extremely relevant character; is this something which drew you to the role? 
I feel very honoured to have been trusted with a role like Lilli in today’s world. We do tackle some themes in the show of domestic abuse; there’s a famous scene towards the end of Act One where Fred [on stage as Petruchio] spanks Lilli [as Kate] which, in past productions, has been played for laughs with the exposing of frilly bloomers but actually, it isn’t at all hilarious that this man is hitting a woman. In our production, the genius that is Paul Foster [Director] has brought the situation right up to 2018 and tackles the scene in a new and very real way. Lilli definitely gives as much as she gets during the fight and it’ll be interesting to see how the audience react to this new and raw way of playing it – it’s an important story to tell. 

What can audiences expect from this production of Kiss Me, Kate and why should they come to see it?
This production of Kiss Me, Kate is going to be a beautifully new, fresh and extremely funny show for a 2018 audience. I’m so excited for people to see it. The combination of Matt Flint’s breathtaking choreography and getting to work under the direction of Paul Foster is making this one of those really special productions that I am sure I will look back on and remember as a firm favourite. 

What is your pre-show warm up like? 
My pre-show routine is rather mundane: I eat about 4.30pm so I’m not digesting food during the show and burping in Edward [Baker Duly]’s face, then I get make-up ready for our company physical and vocal warm ups, then back to the dressing room to wig up and get dressed. I like to be ready to go by the five minute call so I’m not panicking and running late. I tend to always have a Jakemans’ throat sweet before beginners – not for medicinal purposes, just because it’s nice and comforting – and then, of course, a last minute wee. The show is so busy that I’m definitely not going to have a wee break until the interval! 

Who would your dream duet partner be? 
Hmm, good question! There are so many wonderful singers who would be so dreamy to duet with, but I’d have to say Audra McDonald. I absolutely love her rich, full and velvety voice and think we’d just have a brilliant time. 

What’s your top piece of advice for aspiring performers in terms of finding and maintaining your voice? 
To all aspiring new performers who are finding and maintaining their true voice, I would say to be yourselves. Be inspired by other singers but don’t imitate. Your individuality and unique quality is something you should be proud of – there’s only one you, embrace it! Oh, and drink plenty of water, get lots of sleep and avoid noisy places – talking loudly can be a killer when it comes to vocal health. 

Kiss Me, Kate is at the Crucible Theatre from Friday 7 December – Saturday 12 January

photo credit: Manuel Harlan

In Conversation With... Rebecca Lock | Kiss Me Kate | Interview

Thursday 22 November 2018

In Conversation With... Patrick Sullivan | Doctor Dolittle | Interview

After starring as Blake in Bat Out of Hell, Patrick Sullivan has swapped a motorbike for a cycling bike and a whole load of animals, as he becomes Matthew Mugg in Doctor Dolittle. Patrick told us what we can expect from the show, what Matthew is like and what he'd love to do next...

Can you tell us a little bit about Doctor Dolittle and what we can expect?
Doctor Dolittle is a beautifully charming family show. It deals with important issues like the way we treat animals and in turn the environment. It has real heart and integrity and stands up against some of the more well-known family classics like Mary Poppins and Chitty Chitty Bang Bang

You recently starred in Bat Out of Hell which is very different from this show, what drew you to Doctor Dolittle?
It was actually that huge difference that attracted me! I had the most incredible time creating and working on Bat. As a cast we were given such freedom to develop and adapt our characters. I had never done a show like Doctor Dolittle and reading the script the character I play, Matthew Mugg, really felt like something I wanted to work on! It's a very traditional show with great song and dance numbers which I've always wanted to do! 

As you mentioned, you’re playing Matthew Mugg, what’s he like as a character?
Matthew is a very sweet innocent guy, with the best of intentions. He's an Irish immigrant and so doesn't have any family of his own in Puddleby, where the show is set, so he builds his own family when Doctor Dolittle takes him in. We see Matthew repeating this gesture when he takes in a local orphan Tommy Stubbins. He is driven by a kindness and warmth of character that I find very admirable! 

Puppets are a key part of this production, what has the process of learning to work and move with them been like? 
It's been a very rewarding challenge! I have had zero experience with puppetry prior to this show so I was really starting from the ground up! It's fantastic to be able to create reality where animals can pack a suitcase or do a dance number! It's really magic! 

Have you got a favourite puppet in the show?
I might have a soft spot for him Chee Chee the chimpanzee...

Can you sum up Doctor Dolittle in five words?

If you had a magic wand, which show would you do next?
Oh a very difficult question. I don't really have a favourite show! I would love to do A Man of No Importance or else Catch Me If You Can. I think those are two shows that have never got the attention in London they deserve. 

If you could go back to any era, when would you go to and why?
I know this isn’t the question but I'd much rather go into the future a hundred years and just see how it all plays out.

What’s your top piece of advice for aspiring performers?
Perform as much as you can. I was very lucky growing up in Ireland where there was considerably less competition for shows, especially for boys, so I was given loads of opportunities to play parts and develop a stage craft before I ever went to college! I was very lucky but there are still opportunities to be had if you look in the right places!

Also just try and be nice to people! It’s easy to forget to treat people with respect.

A massive thank you to Patrick for taking the time to chat to us. Doctor Dolittle is currently touring the UK until 2nd November 2019

Interview by Editor, Olivia Mitchell

photo credit: Alastair Muir

In Conversation With... Patrick Sullivan | Doctor Dolittle | Interview

Thursday 22 November 2018

Tuesday 20 November 2018

In Conversation With... Mollie Melia-Redgrave | Doctor Dolittle | Interview

Mollie Melia-Redgrave is currently starring as the female lead, Emma Fairfax in the UK Tour of Doctor Dolittle which brings the classic film to the stage and introduces us to a host of marvellous animals. Mollie spoke to Rewrite This Story about her part in the show, what audiences can expect and her advice for aspiring performers...

Can you tell us a little bit about Doctor Dolittle and what we can expect? 
Doctor Dolittle is such a family show, brought to life through the pages of the book. We have 36 amazing puppets and a mesmerising Ensemble. There’s something for everyone to learn from it, and it is a story that comes from the heart. 

You’re playing Emma Fairfax, what’s she like as a character? Are you alike in any ways? 
Emma really knows her own mind and isn’t afraid to stick up for what she knows is right. She would go to the ends of the earth to fight for justice. Her only family mentioned is her Aunt so I don’t think she has many people supporting her and has just ended up working for her Aunt out of convenience, therefore when she meets the doctor and Matthew she sees a completely new outlook on life. But it’s a tough choice to choose between family and the heart. She really comes to life once she lets her hair down. 

Emma and I have a few similarities. She is very defensive and I’m sure I can be at times, I hate feeling unjustified. I’m awful at confrontation however Emma is the first to speak up. I’d say our biggest similarity is that we are both super passionate and wear our hearts on our sleeves. 

You’ve previously toured with Chitty Chitty Bang Bang, what are your favourite and least favourite parts of touring? 
My favourites are the fact we can explore new cities I’ve never been to and would never have the opportunity to spend two weeks there. Also doing it with a great bunch of friends. I don’t really have a least favourite but I guess it’s organising the digs haha! 

Puppets are a key part of this production, what has the process of learning to work and move with them been like? 
Fascinating. Watching Jimmy, our puppet director, bring them to life is crazy. Our ensemble have worked effortlessly on making all this happen and they really are the best! When a puppeteer holds a puppet you genuinely stroke it or interact with the puppet without realising it’s not real. 

Have you got a favourite puppet in the show? 
My favourite at the moment are the seals. They make my heart melt. However you’ve got to love them all. Especially Jip, Chee Chee and Gub Gub. 

Can you sum up Doctor Dolittle in five words? 
Never seen anything like it. 

If you had a magic wand, which show would you do next? 
I would do anything to work for Disney. However at the moment I’d love to play Sylvia in Finding Neverland

If you could go back to any era, when would you go to and why? 
40’s for sure!!! The classic movies, the fashion, the history, the achievements, the romance! 

What’s your top piece of advice for aspiring performers? 
Be yourself. Everyone is equal and everyone has a life outside of this world so focus on you and don’t try to change. Also enjoy whatever it is you are striving for, life is too short.

A huge thank you to Mollie for taking the time to chat to us. Doctor Dolittle is currently touring the UK until 2nd November 2019

Interview by Editor, Olivia Mitchell

In Conversation With... Mollie Melia-Redgrave | Doctor Dolittle | Interview

Tuesday 20 November 2018

Wednesday 14 November 2018

In Conversation With... Rachel Izen | Funny Girl | Interview

Rachel Izen has starred in a number of shows on the West End, Broadway and on tour. Recently, Rachel played Mrs Brice in the UK tour of Funny Girl, which follows Fanny Brice on her journey from wannabe actress to reknowned performer. Funny Girl was recently screened at cinemas, Rachel talked to us about the show and how a filmed version breathes new life into it...

Can you tell us a little bit about your experience playing Mrs Brice in Funny Girl?

This was a very personal experience as I identified Fanny and Rose’s relationship to that of my own.

Funny Girl is a much loved story and show, do you think this filmed version will bring new life to the show and welcome a new audience to it?
This version is heart felt and explores successful women’s turmoil trying to balance career and personal life, so very current today.

What's your favourite memory from your time in Funny Girl?
Dancing to the overture in the wings every show.

Can you sum up Funny Girl in 5 words?
Luckiest people in the world!

If you could bring any other shows which you've been a part of to screen, which would you choose? 
The Witches of Eastwick

If you had a magic wand, what would you do next in your career?
I would love to tv series filmed in front of a live audience recreating my favourite musical theatre moments.

What's your top piece of advice for aspiring performers? 
 Be a sponge. See everything, listen to everything, be practical, take classes. Just because you may have gained a degree and acquired an agent doesn’t mean the world owes you a living.

Thanks so much to Rachel for chatting with us. 

Interview by Editor, Olivia Mitchell

In Conversation With... Rachel Izen | Funny Girl | Interview

Wednesday 14 November 2018

Friday 27 July 2018

In Conversation With... Ian Stroughair aka Velma Celli | Interview

Ian Stroughair aka Velma Celli has the voice of an angel, is as hilarious as they come and truly knows how to put on a show. After seeing Velma Celli's West End Christmas I was completely overwhelmed and have since been following Ian's career (and life) on twitter. His latest venture is Iconic- A History of Drag which will be playing at the Edinburgh fringe...

How did Velma Celli come about?
Well, I have always been a singer much to my siblings annoyance. At age 14 I auditioned for a new musical called ‘Kes’ at The York, Theatre Royal. It was a professional show which needed an ensemble of kids. Much to my surprise I was cast. It was my first time on stage. I joined a Ballet school in York just before my sixteenth birthday. 3 months later my Ballet teacher sent me for an audition for a Theatre School. I got in and started that summer. 

After 2.5 years I was out into the world and working as a singer/dancer/actor. I have appeared in West End and musical productions of Cats, Fame, Chicago, Rent and also appeared on Eastenders as myself…. I know, CAMP!!!!

When I was in Chicago I was asked out for an evening of drinks by the “girls" In La Cage and Priscilla. I bought a dress and some makeup and dragged myself up and out of stage door and met them in Madame Jojo’s. Apparently I ended up on stage belting out some queen and dropping into the splits. I can’t remember this, #gin! When I was leaving the manager asked me back the following week and I have never looked back!

You've had a very varied career, what's your favourite part of performing as Velma and creating your own show?
The freedom. When you are in a West End musical it's very strict. You are directed to give the same show every night and there is little room for your own creativity and interpretation. Velma is mine and she can do whatever she wants. Sing whatever songs she like. It’s very freeing!

You're taking your show, Iconic- A Brief History of Drag to Edinburgh. What can people expect from the show? 
Iconic - A Brief History of Drag is a journey through my most favourite moments in drag history, whether it be music, pop culture, film or theatre it's those Iconic unforgettable drag events that inspired me to do drag and cultivate me into the queen I am now. They can expect to laugh (a lot) cry (a bit) and learn a bit about drag, things that people may not know. The past hero’s. A blooming good night if anything else!

Can you sum up A Brief History of Drag in 5 words?
Heartfelt, funny, camp, belt and emotional 

You have a stunning voice. How do you keep it strong and healthy whilst facing the strains of touring?
Thank you. Lost of water and vocal rest. Healthy food!

If you could go back to any era, when would you go to and why?
I would have to say the 1960’s. I believe I am quite the hippy! 

What's your number one piece of advice for aspiring performers who would like to carve their own, unique career?
WORK HARD. Work harder then repeat. This business is not for the faint hearted. It’s tough at times and the competition is high so armour yourselves with as much knowledge and learn as many skills as possible. Bring something to the party too. The odds of getting cast are extremely slim so I encourage all my students to write their own material and / or shows.

Thank you to the incomparable Ian Stroughair/Velma Celli for your amazing advice and story. Iconic- A Brief History of Drag will be at the Edinburgh Fringe from the 1st-26th August, at Assembly Checkpoint.  

Interview by Editor, Olivia Mitchell

In Conversation With... Ian Stroughair aka Velma Celli | Interview

Friday 27 July 2018

Sunday 22 July 2018

In Conversation With... Jordan Luke Gage and Christina Bennington | Bat Out of Hell | Interview

Hello Bat Out of Hell fans! You've may have thought the Bat content was over with Bat Month done and the leading ladies' Stagey Guide to Singing posted, but fear not because we have another interview with Christina Bennington aka Raven and Jordan Luke Gage aka alternate Strat! 

You’ve been in the show since the beginning, what’s something memorable from each city you’ve been to? 
Christina Bennington: I’ve been very lucky to have settled in different cities with the show. In Manchester, it was wonderful to experience Jon’s incredible set for the first time and really find our feet. Sometimes literally on that mountain. The Coliseum standing ovation on the last night and our crazy exit stunt was a ‘pinch me’ career moment. Our fans are incredible and it felt like a real party for us all together. In Canada we had a wonderful time with our audiences. We had been told they would be ‘more polite’ but I guess we had all the rockstars in the audience. We certainly felt welcomed with huge warmth there. 

What’s it like going back to your ensemble after playing Strat? Are you always wanting to sing the Strat track? 
Jordan Luke Gage: Being able to perform two parts each week is a blessing because it keeps the performances fresh for me. Every time I get to play Strat it feels like opening night again which is thrilling. My ensemble track dances more than Strat so it’s nice to have that difference in the shows - one day I get to sing these epic songs and play this larger than life rockstar and the next I get to sweat it out in the ensemble. 

Christina and Jordan as Raven and Strat | Photo Credit @EllieLoolaVlogs 

Which ensemble characters would you like to play? 
Christina: Denym and Spinotti. When I grow up, I want to be Isaac Edwards. The way he makes the choreography his own and embellishes and fills in between the steps is inspirational. He’s one of the characters I interact and connect with the most. I’d love to be able to express myself physically the way he does. I also absolutely love Spinotti. Natalie Chua has made her so feisty and interesting. She is an integral part of the Lost – especially as a fighter! 

What’s your favourite song to perform as Strat? 
Jordan: Ooo tricky question! Obviously I love performing Bat Out of Hell. The way the song builds allows you to feel like you’re on this crazy adventure which results in totally pouring your heart out on stage and squeezing out every ounce of energy in your body. You feel totally liberated and bare on stage and it’s a beautiful feeling! 

I also LOVE For Crying Out Loud. Jim Steinman’s lyrics exude passion and colour and Michael Reed’s arrangement takes you to another world. When I got the audition through for the show, this was the first song I listened to on the soundtrack and my heart rate went out the roof! I knew that I had to be in this show! 

Can you tell us about any fun cut scenes from the show? 
Christina: I really loved singing (and dancing) It Just Won’t Quit. That’s an absolute favourite of mine that’s been cut. It’s wonderful that the show is constantly evolving and growing. Maybe I’ll just have to sing it at a concert sometime… 

How do you maintain your vocal health singing the intense Steinman music every night? 
Jordan: It’s so important to rest! I can’t function without at least 8/9 hours sleep each night and lack of sleep really affects your voice so this is key! Also, hydrate! I drink water constantly throughout the day, at least 4 litres a day. Also I never sleep with the heating on in my room and always have the window open - this might just be a myth, but having natural air flow when you sleep stops you drying out! 

What’s your favourite Raven outfit? 
Christina: I love them all but I have a special place in my heart for the birthday party dress. It’s a beautiful handmade couture dress and I love that it’s playful and girly but with a harder edge. The net detail looks like feathers so it’s the biggest nod to a raven. I also wear a very cool raven ring with it. 

photo credit: Specular 

Raven’s wedding dress is gorgeous but is only seen briefly. Can you tell us a little about it? 
Christina: I’m so grateful that our creatives have taken our input seriously on this show. It’s a true collaboration. When Jon was creating the wedding dress he asked me what I needed from it. I knew I wanted it to still have a lot of movement. Raven always needs to be able to run and jump, no matter what she’s wearing. We started with a full length white dress and Jon pulled up parts of it and started pinning to create texture. We played with it and adjusted the bodice until it felt right. 

What do you think makes the show appeal you both old and new fans of Jim Steinman/Meatloaf? 
Christina: Jim’s music is epic and bombastic. It’s full of joy and sadness, energy and feeling. My mum tells me you can’t help but leave full of joy. I think people come back time and time again to feel that high. 

I certainly agree with that! If you're wondering what rocking, wild, exhilarating show to see this summer then Bat Out of Hell should definitely be your first choice! A huge thank you as always to Jordan and Christina for chatting to us and to everyone who sent in questions for them both.

Bat Out of Hell is currently at the Dominion Theatre until 27th October 2018

Post by Editor, Olivia Mitchell

In Conversation With... Jordan Luke Gage and Christina Bennington | Bat Out of Hell | Interview

Sunday 22 July 2018