No Limits, Turbine Theatre | Review

Monday 20 February 2023

No Limits
Turbine Theatre
Reviewed on Friday Friday 17th February 2023

Currently playing at the Turbine Theatre, No Limits, a song cycle by Sam Thomas is a number of vignettes of millennial/gen z life which are uniformly well performed but sometimes lack enough depth to really make them pop.

That’s not to say the show is bad at all, but there are a few songs which don’t quite pack a punch and you’re left wanting just a bit more. As a song cycle, cohesion isn’t necessarily expected but I do think this piece could be elevated by having a bit of a through line to hold it all together and guide its journey so it’s a bit less of a mish-mash of individual stories.

However, as performances go, you truly couldn’t ask for more than those that this cast provide. The five strong ensemble give impeccable vocals.

Hannah Lowther (#Catfish) is masterful in her nuanced facial expressions, which convey so much emotion through the tiniest movements. She’s a vocal athlete who sounds completely in control at all times and is an absolute dream to watch and hear. Playing the #Fighter Michael Mather has some fantastically strong vocal moments, especially when bringing his rockstar dreams to life. As #Dreamer Natalie Paris is the embodiment of a star. With a tone that is buttery and riffs for days, her vocals are enough to rival anyone in the top 40 and she provides some of the most moving performances of the evening. Mary Moore (#Funemployed) really gets a chance to shine in this show and it’s a treat to see. She not only gives a brilliant vocal performance but is also incredibly witty and they also have excellent chemistry with all the other performers. Owen Clayton as #Romantic is the perfect compliment to the cast and is sweetly endearing in their performance and once again serves killer vocals throughout.

It's particularly impressive how well the five person cast use the small space of the Turbine stage. Thanks to Justin Williams' sleek set and Rhys Wilkinson's great movement direction, it never feels like they're on top of one another (except when necessary!) and the whole thing flows very well. 

Alex Musgraves' lighting helps to elevate each song, for example transforming the space into a comedy club vibe for one number, and Richard Carter's sound design makes the piece feel intimate and personal.

No Limits is sickly sweet at times but overall its an ode to positivity and the importance of your own stories. It's not groundbreaking but it's a really good night out with an absolutely wonderful cast.

photo credit: Danny Kaan

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