Priscilla the Party at HERE at Outernet REVIEW: A Glitzy, Camp Night Out

Monday 25 March 2024

Priscilla the Party
HERE at Outernet

Priscilla the Party is like stepping into a glittering dreamland where every corner is bursting with energy and excitement. From the moment you walk through the doors of the venue, you're greeted by pulsating beats and dazzling lights that promise a uniquely camp and sparkling experience. Following the adventures of three friends as they journey across the Australian outback aboard the iconic Priscilla bus, the plot is a rollercoaster of emotions that has you grinning from ear ear and dancing your way back onto Tottenham Court Road.

The venue itself is impressive, with its adaptable layout and top-notch sound design, HERE at Outernet ensures that every moment of the performance is delivered with crystal clarity. However, if you're on the shorter side, finding the perfect spot to catch all the action might require a bit of manoeuvring, as the stages aren't particularly high. Pro tip: head towards the front near the non-moving stage at the front for a great view and minimal movement.

Now, let's talk costumes. Each sequin and feather is a work of art, adding an extra layer of sparkle to an already glitzy affair. Tim Chappel and Lizzie Gardiner's designs are wonderfully extra, often providing humour alongside shine. There are also full glitter wigs which are just spectacular.

Equally spectacular are the cast who bring all the good vibes and deliver the story of drag queens travelling the outback so well. Leading proceedings, Trevor Ashley, Reece Kerridge, Dakota Starr and Owain Williams are absolute delights, bringing their characters to life with a level of energy and enthusiasm that's infectious; as well as showing moments of vulnerability which really add to the story.

But, as with any show, there are a few bumps along the way. The constantly shifting perspectives of the stages can sometimes make it hard to fully immerse yourself in the storyline, leaving you feeling a bit disconnected. The immersive aspect of the show is exciting and fairly unique but it doesn't always feel necessary with this show, especially when it stands so strongly on its own. While the pre-show performances are entertaining, they do have a tendency to drag on a bit, delaying the main event's grand entrance, plus, the choice of slow songs might not have been the best for getting the party started.

Despite these hiccups, Priscilla the Party delivers on its promise of a night filled with laughter. So, if you're in the mood for a night of joy and unadulterated fun, Priscilla the Party is the place to be. Embrace the campy atmosphere, lose yourself in the dazzling costumes, and get ready for a ride you won't soon forget. Despite its flaws, this glittering extravaganza is guaranteed to leave you with a smile.

Reviewed on Monday 25th March 2024 by Olivia
Photo Credit: Marc Brenner

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