On Your Feet! (UK Tour), Wales Millennium Centre | Review

Tuesday 22 October 2019

On Your Feet!
Wales Millennium Centre
Reviewed on Monday 21st October 2019 by Elisha Harris

On Your Feet! tells the story of the legendary Gloria Estefan's beautifully tragic life; how she and her husband Emilio Estefan combined dance with a Latin soul sound and took over the music scene. 

When I get the opportunity to experience a show I don’t know much about I make sure to go into it completely blind. I went in having not known much about the story, didn’t know many of the songs and didn’t even see if I recognised any of the cast to add to the experience. Fantastically, this production was mesmerising from start to finish. The incredible cast grasped the audience’s attention instantly and continued to wow until the very last moment. 

Philippa Stefani shook the auditorium with her power house voice playing Gloria Estefan. Her transition from a shy, closeted song writer to a captivating and compelling lead lady was deeply authentic. Having seen Stefani in previous productions I had high standards, but she went above and beyond what I was expecting. Philippa was born to play this part, hands down. 

George Ioannides played a perfect portrayal of Emilio Estefan. The chemistry between both Gloria and Emilio was so believable, such a power couple which was brought to life by two brilliant actors. 

Special mention to Madalena Alberto and Laura Friedrich Tejero. These lovely ladies played Gloria Fajardo and Consuelo. Both voices were mesmerising, Laura in particular truly blew me away as her comical timing was on point. 

The energy from the entire cast was captivating. Every single person looked like they were having a brilliant time- I just wanted to join them on stage! 

Overall it was a brilliant performance, one I wish was here for much longer than a week! I truly recommend seeing this show before it leaves. 

On You Feet! runs at the Wales Millennium Centre until October 26th before continuing its tour