Mamma Mia! The Party, The O2 | Review

Thursday 19 September 2019

Mamma Mia! The Party
The O2
Reviewed on Monday 9th September 2019 by Olivia Mitchell 

Mamma Mia fever continues to swipe the UK as us sun-deprived Brits crave the Greek sea and sun, and the joyous ABBA music with which it's become synonymous. Mamma Mia! The Party aims to fill these cravings with a night of dinner theatre which entertains and delights from start to finish.

Upon entering the space in the O2, you are transported to a taverna on the island of Skopelos. Greeted with "Kalispera", smiles and drinks, the tones is set and you really do feel as if you've escaped from London. Thanks to the attention to detail throughout, none of the space feels tacky or cheap and each crevice feels authentically Greek. From posters on the walls to fountains and flowers dotted round, there's plenty to see purely on the journey to your seat.

The night is set out as an immersive show which is broken up by food and drink. The show plot is seriously flimsy and very pantomime-esque but the cast perform brilliantly and everything entertains. The performances of ABBA's music are camp and bold, and there are some unexpectedly magical moments. Everyone is part of the action, with waiters dancing and singing and everyone feeling as though they're part of an ABBA family.

The food is top notch (the olives are divine) and you get a lot. Various courses include greek treats such as tzatziki, lamb, octopus, spinach pie and so much more. The segues from the action to the courses being served are well carried out and the night as a whole flows wonderfully; particularly impressive when there are hundreds of guests a night! Perhaps the hefty price tag should include free soft drinks, but you do get a lot for your money, money, money and it's definitely a treat of an experience. 

Gareth Owen's sound design means every moment is crystal clear as the cast bounce around and involve the audience throughout. Steph Parry gives a particularly strong performance throughout and as with the whole cast and team, is inviting and warm. As a whole this is a complete cheese fest and exactly what you'd expect from a Mamma Mia themed event. 35 songs are shoehorned into the flimsy story, there's pyrotechnics, acrobatics, flipper tricks and more. Certainly something for everyone!

There's no denying this is a pricey experience but it's so worth it if you want to channel your inner Julie Walters and feel like a Super Trouper for the night.

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photo credit: Helen Maybanks