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Teddy runs at the Vaults until June 3rd, it is an innovative show which not only showcases the actors on stage, but also the musicians. One of whom is Freya Parks who talked to us all about her experience with the show...

Teddy is such a fun show, it must be amazing to be a part of! Have you had a favourite moment so far?
Yeah it's a complete dream to be playing rock 'n' roll on a stage! 

Looking back I think my favourite moment was probably when everything came together the first time we performed to an audience. That was when we all realised how wild and intricate and special what we'd created really was. That's always a good feeling. 

For anyone that hasn't seen the show, can you explain what it's about and how you fit into it? 

It's about a Teddy boy and Teddy girl (Teddy and Josie) and the adventures they have during a rainy Saturday night in Elephant and Castle in 1956. After their paths cross, they discover they're both massive fans of an American band called Johnny Valentine & the Broken Hearts and so do anything they can however risky to get into their gig. Then everything kicks off... 

I play Jenny O'Malley, the bassist, a lady with sass who keeps her boys (fellow band mates) in line! 

Teddy is set in the 50s, if you could transport to any other era, when would you go to and why? 
I could quite easily spend every night at a Weimar Cabaret in the 20s. Thinking about it, the 20s and 50s were both quite wild times as there was a similar post-war attitude of making the best from nothing, living in the moment and partying amongst the rubble. They must've been exhilarating times to live in. 

You not only get to play live during the show, but also after the show. What's been your best audience reaction post-show? 

The audiences always impress us with their dancing but there was one particular Friday night during our cover of Johnny B. Goode when a guy - who was joyously reliving his youth - jumped up onto Johnny Valentine's platform, grabbed the microphone and sang the rest of the song to perfection! I'm really glad there's video footage... 

In 5 words, can you tell us why people should come and see Teddy? 
Female-empowering, gritty, nostalgic, heartfelt....ROCKIN'!!! 

If you had a magic wand, which show would you do next? 

I recently read Teeth 'n' Smiles by David Hare. It's a bit like Teddy but a decade later! I'd love to have a bash at that. 

What's your number one piece of advice for aspiring performers? 

If it's really what you want to do, keep going no matter what and whenever you hit a lull, surround yourself with other creative things - just keep your mind active! You never know what's round the corner. 

Thank you so much Freya for taking the time to do this interview. Teddy runs at The Vaults until 3rd June.

Interview by Editor, Olivia Mitchell

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