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Confidence opens tonight (May 25th) at the Southwark Playhouse. It features a small cast, some of whom are making their theatrical debuts. Anna Crichlow, who has previously appeared in Pride and Prejudice for Regents Park Open Air and Common at the National Theatre, plays Ruby, who works at the cafe on the pier in the show. Anna took the time to talk to us about Confidence, the 90s and what the audience can expect from the show...

Can you explain a little about Confidence and how your character Ruby fits into it?
Confidence follows four young people who live in a seaside town in the 90s. The world is shaken up by the introduction of Ella, played by Tanya Burr, who’s dreaming and scheming attitude gets some of them into a pickle. Ruby runs the cafe on the promenade and has a more down to earth approach. She’s sweet and seems less ambitious than the other characters but she is a grafter. 

The show has a small cast and is playing at the intimate Southwark Playhouse, you must all have had to grow close quickly. What was the initial meeting and rehearsal process like for you?
It was lovely and really chill. We all met initially trying on loads of hilarious 90s clothes on in a vintage shop so I think that definitely broke the ice. It being some of the cast’s first theatre job made it even more exciting because everyone was so ready to get stuck in. The rehearsal space was always really open and Rob made us all feel comfortable to play with each other and the piece. 

You get to live out your 90s dreams in this show, what's your favourite song from the 90s?
That’s a really hard question, there are so many bangers from the 90s. I think right now it’s Jade-Don’t Walk Away. 

Ruby works in the cafe over summer, have you had any random summer jobs?
Don’t know how random it is but I used to works as an usher at Regents Park Open Air Theatre over summer. It was lush and I got to go back to act there three years later. 

Why should people come and see Confidence? What will audiences be saying as they leave the theatre?
Confidence is an explosion of 90s fun but it also explores what it means to work and all the different ways people, especially young people, achieve their dreams. 

I think they’ll leave thinking “I didn’t see that coming” and hopefully having laughed.

If you had a magic wand which show would you do next?
Gosh that’d be nice but genuinely I want to do the next show that is meant for me. If I had to say it would be amazing to get stuck into some Shakespeare. 

What's your best piece of advice for aspiring performers?
Don’t give up and be your most authentic self. 

Thank you so much Anna for taking the time to do this interview. Confidence runs at The Southwark Playhouse until 16th June.

Interview by Editor, Olivia Mitchell

photo credit: Clare Park and Helen Murray

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