The Rat Pack- Live From Las Vegas (UK Tour), New Victoria Theatre | Review

Wednesday 18 April 2018

The Rat Pack- Live From Las Vegas (UK Tour)
New Victoria Theatre 
Reviewed on Tuesday 17th April 2018 by Valerie Field

The Rat Pack Live opens with Garrett Phillips who plays Sinatra introducing himself and the show and trying to get the audience participation go. Unfortunately this didn't quite work out as the theatre was very under-booked. 

Once this initial opening was over and the show got going everyone enjoyed his performance. He has a great voice and even the look of Frank Sinatra. In fact if you closed your eyes it could have been him. Philips really knows how to channel the musical master.

Nigel Casey also has a good voice but unfortunately doesn't come across as relaxed and cool as his character Dean Martin. There was a change of actor at the last minute for Sammy Davis Jr. He was played by last night by Darren Charles who I must say was a very good entertainer but didn't quite come across as his character.

Part way through the show we are introduced to the Burelli Sisters played by Laura Darton, Amelia Adams-Pearce and Joanna Walters. This brings glamour and a bit of pizzazz to the show as their performances are very, very good. 

The late appearance of Nicola Emmanuel as Ella Fitzgerald really lifts the show as she is fantastic- it's a shame she is not utilised more in the show.

The orchestra are great and all the music and songs are brilliantly and energetically performed. Unfortunately for the cast the theatre was fairly empty but the audience who were there were very appreciative and gave them a standing ovation after the rousing rendition of  My Way.

Anyone who is Sinatra fan will enjoy the show. The music is nostalgic, well performed and provides fantastic entertainment. The Rat Pack- Live From Las Vegas is well worth a visit and I had a very enjoyable evening.

The Rat Pack- Live at Las Vegas runs at the New Victoria Theatre until 21st April before continuing it's tour.


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