La Cage Aux Folles (UK Tour), New Wimbledon Theatre | Review

Thursday 16 March 2017

La Cage Aux Folles
New Wimbledon Theatre
Reviewed on Wednesday 15th March 2017 by Olivia Mitchell

We're starting to see glimpses of summer but if you need something else to warm and brighten your life then the UK Tour of La Cage Aux Folles is the show for you! The production is high-kicking, glitzy, high energy and feather filled.

The Tony Award winning musical tells the story of Albin and Georges, a couple living idyllically in France. Albin moonlights as the drag star Zaza in the glamourous club: La Cage Aux Folles, which is owned by Georges. Their peaceful existence is put to halt when Georges' son (played by Dougie Carter) announces that he is engaged to Anne, the daughter of a politician: Dindon (Paul F Monaghan), who is against all things homosexual and wants to close down Georges' "den of debauchery"!

This is a story of love, family and individuality. The family struggle to stay as a strong unit whilst trying to change themselves to impress Anne's parents, therefore allowing their son to be happily married.

John Partridge, veteran of the stage, plays the larger  than life Albin. Having recently seen John in Chicago, I was extremely impressed at his versatility on stage and ability to transform into someone else completely. The role is demanding both physically and emotionally, with moments of laugh out loud humour, to quiet moments of pin drop silent emotion. John perfectly nails the character, with the the right amount of sincerity and vulnerability to balance the over the top flamboyance. 

Partnered with Adrian Zmed as Georges, the pair have a believable and touching relationship which works very well in the theatrical setting. West End legend, Marti Webb also gives a lovely performance as Jacqueline.

Overall the show is full of life, laughs and lunacy. There is enough energy to power London and enough sparkle to give the Chrysler building some serious competition! Every performance is energetic and the production is really a gem! For a fun, carefree night out, be sure to make a visit to La Cage Aux Folles!

La Cage Aux Folles runs at the New Wimbledon theatre until March 18th 2017 before continuing it's tour.