Ghost (UK Tour), New Victoria Theatre | Review

Tuesday, 28 February 2017

Ghost (UK Tour)
New Victoria Theatre
Reviewed on Monday 27th February 2017 by Valerie Field

Despite all the drama and speculation that has been surrounding this show, I thoroughly enjoyed it and found it very moving and well acted. I have never seen the film but know of the story and have heard all about the iconic scene at the potters wheel so I was a bit surprised that more wasn't made of that scene on stage. The fact that this is my only major criticism shows how much I enjoyed the show.

The scenery was great and scene changes were smooth and convincing with each set feeling exactly like the place it was portraying and the characters fit into it perfectly. The special effects were brilliant and really added to the show, although sometimes they did feel a little unnecessary, altogether they added a very nice layer to the performance.

The acting, dancing and songs were great and very entertaining, memorable and enjoyable. Carolyn Maitland was wonderful as Molly and has fabulous chemistry with Andy Moss as Sam. Both their voices are strong and they are convincing as the characters.

Jacqui Dubois as Oda Mae was a definite stand out and was fantastic on stage, stealing the show at points and really showing off her star power. Garry Lee Netley as the Subway Ghost deserves a special mention as he was a great presence on stage and suited the character wonderfully.

My only other criticism is that I did feel sometimes the orchestra was a bit too loud when the solos were being sung as it seem to drown the singer's voices slightly. This was probably just an issue that night. 

Apart from that the show was great and I enjoyed it immensely and will definitely recommend it. The cast are strong and well rounded. The sets, costumes and effects fit the show precisely and overall it was a great night out seeing a much loved musical. All in all I think the whole show came together really well and was a very entertaining evening.

Ghost runs at the New Victoria theatre until March 4th and then continues on it's UK tour.

Photo credit: Matt Martin