A Thank You to the In The Heights Cast

Tuesday 6 September 2016

Hello stagey friends! This is more of a personal post but I thought I'd share it anyway. You guys know by now how in love I am with 'In The Heights' (see posts about it here, here, here and here) and with it just being cast change I'm feeling very sentimental about it so I wanted to share some love for the show and cast.

You know when something just comes into your life at exactly the right time? Well that was this show for me. The first time I saw it was at the beginning of October 2015; I had just started university so was in that unsettled time where everything was changing and I didn't really know my place in the world. Now by no means am I saying I know my place now but does anybody really ever know exactly where the right place is? However, this show gave me a place to feel at home and I instantly felt part of the commun

Obviously the music and story are incredible but thats not what this post is about. For me its really the cast that make this such a special show. The love between everyone is so clear when they perform their hearts out on stage and bounce off of each others crazy energy every night. There are just whole new levels of talent in this show and every member is truly insane. 

Not only are the cast incredible when performing but they are all the most lovely, genuine and incredible people off stage. There have been times when I've seen a show and been really let down when the cast had absolutely no time for fans but this cast are the embodiment of humility and goodness. Its just a complete joy to talk to these people and I truly feel so grateful to have gotten the chance to meet them. 

So basically I just want to say a massive thank you to everyone in this cast for making me feel at home, content, completely, utterly and genuinely happy every time I've visited the Kings Cross theatre. There's seriously not enough adjectives in the world to describe what this show means to me and I'll never truly be able to put it into words. This show amplifies my love for musical theatre and my desire to succeed in the industry so much. I feel refreshed and elated every time I see it. The cast give 110% in every performance and I'm really going to miss all those who have left. I'm sure the new cast will live up to expectations but everyone I've seen form October 2015 to September 4th 2016 are really going to hold a special place in my heart forever. So once again, thank you so much for creating such a fantastic community and for performing the best show on the West End so wonderfully every night!

So there it is. Sentimentality over, I'll just go back to thinking about In The Heights 95% of my life but not posting it online!

P.S. a special shoutout to all my faves in this cast, you know who you are! Thank you for being fabulous human beings and always posing for our funny selfies and boomerangs!