Jeremy Jordan, Hippodrome Casino | Review

Friday 1 July 2016

You know when you build something up so much in your head that it can't possibly live up to expectations? Last night was not one of those times. Yes I had built this concert up to a ridiculous level in my mind but the incredible Jeremy Jordan smashed every expectation and went above and beyond what I thought was humanly possible.

You may know him as the heart throb of tv from hits Smash and Supergirl or from his leading Broadway roles in Newsies and Bonnie and Clyde or maybe you're just hearing his name for the first time now.

Whichever it is, all you need to know is that Jeremy is one of the best, if not the best male singer; with a hilarious stage presence, magnetic personality and absolutely stunning voice, he's really the definition of the whole package.

Last night I got to witness this package all wrapped in a bow at the last of Jeremy's first ever London concerts, the fastest selling performances the Hippodrome Casino has ever seen! There's something really special about watching performers in these sort of venues because they're so intimate and you just know that every single person is there to support who their watching. The whole room was buzzing before Jeremy came on stage and the excitement could be felt all around, it didn't feel like there could be more joy but when Jeremy stepped on stage the whole room went crazy.

Jeremy opened the show with a hilarious parody of Everything's Coming Up Roses called Everyone's Come To See Me, starting the night on a high which only went up. Jeremy continued performing a mix of all his best songs as well as some originals which will be on his upcoming album, including a beautiful song written for his wife called Memories of Loving You. His infectious personality combined with his killer vocals made an unforgettable evening with jokes and anecdotes creating a wonderful relaxed evening. Jeremy's partner in crime for the night was his hilarious Musical Director Benjamin Rauhala who not only played magnificently but had everyone in hysterics throughout!

There's no way I can pick a favourite part of the concert because I was literally in love with every second of it but I couldn't write this post without mentioning the incredible cover of Take me or Leave Me which Jeremy and his beautiful wife sung (couple goals right!?) and also his medley of song requests. This truly showed off Jeremy's talent, singing clips of songs form Cats to Celine Dion all note perfect and just stunning. 

The amazing thing about Jeremy is not just his personality and talent but the way he connects with each song and makes the audience feel like they're experiencing every moment personally. Jeremy is an absolute star and deserves so so so much praise. For anyone reading this I advise you to watch all of the videos you can find of Jeremy, watch everything he's in and buy his album when it comes out! And Jeremy, if by any crazy twist of fate you're reading this, then I want to say thank you for an absolutely brilliant night and please please please come back to London very soon!

5 stars!