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Kinetics (Film) 

Sue Wylie’s stunning play, Kinetics has been adapted for film. The moving story is told through the eyes of Rose who has recently been diagnosed with Parkinson's disease. She meets Lukas, a free-runner with whom she forms an unlikely friendship. Both have a desire to move and be free and ultimately remind one another that life is worth living. 

'Accept, adapt, adjust' really sums up this play in a nutshell. Not only is it a beautiful story but it raises awareness of Parkinson's a relatively unknown disease that affects around 127,000 people in the UK alone. 

Lukas played by Roly Botha is a wonderful addition to the film. He adds so much movement and fluidity; a brilliant contrast to Rose. He has heaps of talent, not only acting but also free running. His story within the play is touching and the interplay between the characters really gives out a message of hope. 

A special mention must go to Steve Eaton Evans who plays Mr Burton and successfully portrays an older gentleman with Parkinson's who eventually gives the best advice of the whole film. 

Rose played by Sue Wylie is a wonder to see. She really does tell her story well. Her play is well worded and very powerful, while staying respectful to those suffering from Parkinson's. By telling her own story regarding her diagnosis of Parkinson's and how it affects her both in her job and personal life is simply beautiful. 

I urge anyone and everyone to watch Kinetics either in film or play version as it has so much potential not only to spread awareness with Parkinson's but also as it gives the audience a wonderful feeling of hope.

Review by Isobelle Desbrow

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