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Reviewed on Wednesday 21st March 2018 by Shaun Dicks

Arinzé Kene is a star on the rise. Playwright and Actor, he has endless noteworthy credits. Tonight’s viewing is Misty, written by and starring Kene. Misty is a show of two stories; the first being a story of a young man, travelling on the night bus in London, who makes a bad decision before unravelling. We follow him as events unfold. The second story is led not by a character but Kene the person. It follows his process of creating this show and all the negativity and hardship that he faced while doing it. 

Firstly, Kene as a writer is outstanding. The script is fantastically interwoven with its dual narrative; the structuring and execution is positively breath-taking. This script is a masterpiece and a masterclass in how to create an effective, powerful and colourful script. Kene has found the right balance of intense, thought provoking and politically/racially charged material and mixing it with great wit and humour. There is an elegance in the script that is rare, the imagery is so vivid and clear- it is beautiful. 

Kene as a performer is enthralling and captivating. He is a scintillating storyteller, with a presence second to none. Underscored by brilliant music, everything he delivered was real, honest and intense. The performance was outstanding, creating a very stirring and thought-provoking show. Everything is so well rounded, so complete, and incorporates multiple storytelling devices so effectively, that it becomes a show that needs to be seen, heard and enjoyed by everyone and anyone. 

It is a show that needs recognition from the higher ups in awards. It needs thrusting in front of decision makers in Parliament. It is a show that legitimises itself and gives visibility to unrepresented issues. 

I have been watching theatre for eleven years, appreciating for the last five. This show is in my top three, of greatest shows I have ever seen. It is excellence and I cannot be happier or feel more privileged to have experienced it. 

It is theatrical perfection. Go see it, tell everyone about it. Tweet it, Facebook it, Instagram it, Tumblr it, Snapchat it. Make sure that this masterpiece is seen and heard. Give it the visibility that it deserves. Kene is a genius, plain and simple. 

Misty runs at the Bush Theatre until April 21st.

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photo credit: Helen Murray

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