The Bodyguard the Musical on Tour Review: Starts with a bang and thrills throughout!

Tuesday 24 October 2023

The Bodyguard the Musical (Tour)
New Victoria Theatre

Demanding your focus from the very first second, The Bodyguard the Musical has it all! Romance, rivalry, and iconic music for all ages to enjoy. 

As per the 1992 movie of the same name, the show tells the story of a famous superstar finding herself to be the unwanted attention of a threatening stalker. As a solution, her team decided to hire a bodyguard to keep her and her family safe. It’s not long before he becomes more invested in his employer than he ever has before. 

The leading role of Rachel Marron was made famous by the legendary Whitney Houston. Needless to say, the bar has been set rather high. Multi-platinum recording artist, Emily Williams (also known as ‘Queen of the High C’s) performs the role with phenomenal ease. Her vocal range is staggering! Emily performs Whitney’s iconic songs so beautifully, whilst making sure to add her own touches here and there. 

Ayden Callaghan portrays the role of Frank Farmer (the Bodyguard) in a distinguishable manner. His character is stern and unwavering, yet begrudgingly, he shows a softer side as his feelings for Rachel grow. Ayden and Emily have fantastic chemistry together, making their romantic storyline so believable! 

Manasseh Mapira, who plays Rachel’s son Fletcher, is an absolute delight to watch. His dancing, vocals and overall charisma have the audience in love! A star in the making…

After a slower-paced first half, things really begin to move in Act Two. The ensemble have a larger part to play, which they do so well; whether it be whilst playing some tone-deaf karaoke singers, or Rachel’s back-up dancers, the energy lifts when they are on the stage. 

The set and costume design by Tim Hatley fit the era and flavour of the musical well. It would have been more effective to see the stage space utilised more, but the potential is definitely there! 

The use of dramatic sound effects and lighting/projections are what you would expect from a 1992 movie. Whilst the connection to the original movie rings true, some modernisation here may have been beneficial.

Overall, the vocal talent of the cast, the iconic music originally given to us by the one and only Whitney Houston, and the passionate storyline, sells this thrilling musical so well. Highly recommend!  

Reviewed on Monday 23rd October 2023 by Grace Dickinson
Photo Credit: Paul Coltas

{AD PR Invite- tickets gifted in exchange for honest review}