The Barricade Boys West End Party at the Adelphi Theatre Review: Everything Great About Musical Theatre

Wednesday 18 October 2023

The Barricade Boys West End Party
Adelphi Theatre

After extensive touring, The Barricade Boys were back in the West End last night for a heaping dose of feel-good fun. The brainchild of Scott Garnham and Simon Schofield, the Les Misérables-alumni-super-group (completed by Craig Mather and Kieran Brown) performed a maelstrom of musical theatre numbers, alongside pop, rock and swing numbers. With effortless rapport and smooth moves, it's clear to see why the group have gained such a strong fanbase who turned out in full force to the Adelphi Theatre. 

What truly sets The Barricade Boys apart is more than just their extraordinary vocal talents and impeccable harmonies. It's the genuine friendship and affection they share, and the fact that they truly seem to be having a ball on stage. Amidst their impressive musical performances and polished dance routines, they weave in personal stories and charming anecdotes from their experiences in various shows; effortlessly connecting with the audience and creating an atmosphere that feels wonderfully welcoming.

Their repertoire spans a wide range of emotions, from the heartfelt intensity of Les Misérables to the joyful doo-wop harmonies of Jersey Boys. Through this musical journey, they showcase melodies from some of the world's greatest musicians, including The Beatles, Bon Jovi, and Queen, all interpreted in a specifically Barricade Boys way. It's a show that will lift your spirits and induce pure joy and serotonin.

There's a certain charm that makes the whole thing feel superbly carefree and entertaining, and whilst there is an element of cheesiness that comes with this sort of show, the group do a spectacular job of keeping everything high quality and entertaining for all, whether they're the target audience or not.

It must be said that at some points the sound balance was a little off, with the backing slightly overpowering the singers but as a whole it was a spectacular sounding evening and the team must be applauded for balancing a show with so many moving vocals, especially for a one night only performance at this venue. It must also be said how outstanding the Barricade Band are, perfectly matching the energy of the boys as well as having a ball themselves. 

All of this plus the special guests Courtney Bowman, Fra Fee and Matt Henry, really made it an evening of musical theatre magic.

In a time when so much hatred and pain is prevalent in the world, it's such a privilege and honour to be able to escape to the comfort of the theatre, and this show is a glorious illustration and celebration of the joy and unity the art form can provide. 

Reviewed on Tuesday 17th October 2023 by Olivia Mitchell
Photo Credit: Danny Kaan

{AD PR Invite- tickets gifted in exchange for honest review}