Jay Bryce on Taking Heathers on the Road | Heathers the Musical | Interview

Friday 10 March 2023

Heathers is currently making its way around the country, on a high octane, 80s fuelled tour. Currently playing Veronica's Dad/Principal Gowan/Kurt's Dad, Jay Bryce tells us about his experience taking the show on the road and what it's like being part of a show with such a cult following...

How does it feel to be starring in such an iconic and well-loved show?
It feels such a privilege to be part of this great show and part of the Heathers Family. I’m so grateful to be working on this production. I didn’t realise the reach the show had until I joined and how much the show means to people. It is so heart-warming to be bringing this show to people around the UK and Ireland.

Which Heather would you most like to be friends with?
Definitely Heather Mac. I think she needs a good friend to look out for her and I think I could help bring out her kinder side. Plus, I’d want to get a yellow blazer to match with her.

Heathers has a really dedicated fan base, what are some of your favourite fan experiences from the tour so far?
Meeting the fans at stage door is always such a great experience. The Heathers fans are all so kind and lovely and we’ve been made to feel so welcome in the venues we’ve been to so far.

Something I’ve also LOVED is the scrunchy throw during the bows. It is so lovely and something that makes the show so unique.

What's your favourite line in Heathers?
I’m a big fan of my characters line “That was one hell of a fishing trip”. But I do love it when Veronica tells Heather Chandler to “Lick it up”. Definitely have been saying that in my everyday life now…!

Heather C is a big corn nut fan, what would your show snack of choice be?
I would love a Werther’s Original. Is that showing my age…?!

If you could bring any other film to stage, which would you choose?
I think American Pie on the stage would be absolutely brilliant. I’d love to play Jim. But I think my casting is now heading more towards playing Jim’s Dad…!

Why should people come and see Heathers on tour?
The show is just brilliant. It has energy, is fun, whilst also dealing with serious themes. Working with this cast has been such a joy and their energy and joy on and off stage is infectious.

You’ll want to come again and again to see this show.

Heathers The Musical plays at the New Victoria Theatre, Woking until 11th March 2023 and then continues its tour

photo credit: Pamela Raith