Six the Musical, Vaudeville Theatre | Review

Wednesday 11 January 2023

Six the Musical
Vaudeville Theatre
Reviewed on Tuesday 10th January 2022 by Olivia Mitchell 

Entering the Vaudeville theatre last night there was a bustling energy, not just because everyone was excited to see Six but because the cast of the highly addictive tv show, the Traitors were in the audience. Murmurs of “traitor” and “faithful” filled the air and the buzz was certainly something, who knew we’d all be so starstruck!? However, once the curtain was drawn it was all eyes on the Queens and a glorious 75 minutes followed.

Going into a new year it’s great to see that Six the Musical is as vibrant and wonderful as ever. The current queens of the castle do an outstanding job of keeping the energy of the show fresh and truly engaging so that both first time audiences audiences and longtime Six fans can feel like they’re experiencing something special. 

The cast, made up of Rhianne-Louise McCaulsky, Baylie Carson, Claudia Kariuki, Dionne Ward-Anderson, Koko Basigara and Roxanne Couch are a complete group of powerhouses who give stellar solo performances as well as backing up and complementing each other brilliantly. The camaraderie on stage is clear to see and really adds to the overall message of empowerment and support which is at the heart of the show. Special mention must go to Baylie Carson who is an absolute dream to watch as they bring something completely fresh and charming to the role of Anne Boleyn; I cannot wait to see all their future theatrical endeavours (Fangirls UK please!)

Having been playing at the Vaudeville theatre since 2021 the show feels completely settled and has perfectly upgraded from its first long term home, the Arts, to now filling the space on the Strand. The bigger space allows more to witness to wonder of the musical but the clever, cosy set design means none of the intimacy is lost. Emma Bailey's design is the ideal backdrop for this concert style musical. The simplistic framework really allows the performances to shine but there are also some really clever elements such as the throne which rises up grandly. Paired with Tim Deiling's lighting, you really do get the fully visceral concert experience.

A Tudor tale like no other Toby Marlow and Lucy Moss' show continues to get better and better and there's no end in sight for its reign of brilliance. Six the Musical will have you bowing down to the queens and then on your feet to dance along with them- go see this show.

photo credit: Pamela Raith

{AD PR Invite- tickets gifted in exchange for honest review}