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Thursday, 27 June 2019

On Your Feet
London Coliseum
Reviewed on Wednesday 26th July 2019 by Lucy Jardine

Last night at the Coliseum, on a glorious evening, On You Feet, brought some Cuba/Miami sound and spectacle to London.

Mostly, it was a triumph. Christie Prades was a delight as Gloria. It was a treat to hear the authentic American and Latino accents without them being massacred. Her voice, whilst not quite on Gloria's epic scale, carried us along with her. Madalena Alberto was probably the star of the show though - such a strong voice and utterly convincing as the mother who had been forced to give up her dreams and therefore resented her daughter wanting to follow hers. And Karen Mann as Consuela, Gloria's grandmother, although some of her dialogue and mannerisms were a little cliched, brought many a chuckle to the audience.

The ensemble treated us to some fast-paced, foot-tapping, booty-shimmying sets and at the end, yes, we were all on our feet, clapping and dancing along with the excellent band that transported us to the hot steamy nights of Miami. Sergio Trujillo's choreography was solid; the staging, through the use of large moving cloth panels and the projection of images, from clubs in Miami to original photos of the terrible traffic accident that Gloria was in, was well crafted.

The one significant disappointment was George Ioannides in the role of Emilio Estefan. Again, his accent was authentic and his acting good but, unfortunately, his voice could not carry the songs and a couple of the duets with Christie were, frankly, a little uncomfortable. This didn't seem to matter to the audience though. After a rousing encore, we all left with our hearts a little lighter and our smiles a little brighter. Not a bad thing in today's world.

Tickets for On Your Feet are available at LondonBoxOffice.co.uk

photo credit: Johan Persson


  1. This looks like such a fun show to see! It seems like such a party atmosphere!

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