MT Fest UK, The Other Palace | Press Launch

Monday, 4 February 2019

Brainchild of Paul Taylor-Mills, MT Fest, opens at The Other Palace in one week's time and is set to provide a host of new and exciting theatrical events. Last week saw the launch of the festival in The Other Palace Studio and featured special performances from Luke Bayer, Evelyn Hoskins and Sooz Kempner

When introducing the festival, Paul explained how he's always wanted to put an event like this on because of the large amount of work he gets sent that doesn't get the chance to be showcased. He told us how many pieces don't lack quality, but can't be developed because there is a "lack of resource and audience appetite"; and how this festival is his way of showcasing hidden gems in musical theatre and allowing composers, writers etc... to be seen by not only a paying audience, but industry professionals who can help them develop their work in the future.

He also reminded us that no one knows what makes a successful musical (and if they say they do, they're lying.) So this whole showcase of musicals is an exploration and adventure to see what works in front of an audience and what doesn't.

The two week event is structured so there's something to see at all times of day, including:

  • The Taster Menu: the main event for showcasing new musicals. Eight semi-staged shows lasting 45 minutes each. Information about the shows and tickets can be found here
  • BEAM Brunches: Shining a light on some of the most talented up and coming musical theatre songwriters. Full listings can be found here
  • Tea for Two: Frank and inspirational afternoon chats with some of the most celebrated people in musical theatre. Including chats about choreographing a musical, the do's and don'ts for auditions and how theatre criticism is changing. Full listings can be found here
  • Night Caps: Informal late night concerts with some of the top musical theatre performers. Paul told us he's also asked the performers to add in a song or two which hints at their next career move which is exciting. To see the performers and book tickets, click here
Evelyn Hoskins described the festival as a "pick n mix of new work" and it certainly seems like there's going to be something for everyone to discover so why not immerse yourself in theatre and attend this event!

MT Fest UK runs from 11th-23rd February 2019. Tickets are available online or from the box office at The Other Palace.