Sacrifice, Soho Theatre | Review

Friday 3 August 2018

Soho Theatre 
Reviewed on Thursday 2nd August 2018 by Shaun Dicks

Millennials, calling all Millennials. Take your faces out of the illumination of your phone (after reading this review) and pay attention. This is all Sacrifice asks of you. The run is limited. The length is short. But the message is powerful. Sacrifice brings to the spotlight the crisis that we as a generation face. Extortionate house prices, lack of opportunity outside university, gentrified communities and increasing debt. Using archetypal characters, you are given a cross-section of the those that make up society and presented to you is a story of a group of young millennials trying to get by while chasing their dreams in a city that is ruthless and stone cold. 

Despite all the severe topics that are brought to the fore here, Sacrifice is an incredibly witty and humorous play. The jokes are well planned in the script and executed perfectly by the ensemble cast. One liners come thick and fast, the next one easily as funny as the last. The presentation of the script is outstanding as the performers are snappy and make words buzz with energy as the exchanges go on. Overall, the work the whole cast put in pays off, as their performances shine through. 

What really got to me as I as watching this piece was how unrelenting this show is when it comes to the truth. This show, I believe is the beginning of opening up conversations about the crisis we face today. A crisis that gets white washed in the media. This brings the problems to our very front door. Sacrifice is a ruthless dissection of human psychology and the nature of millennials. This show urges us to challenge what we’re told and fight for more than the scraps that are being handed out. When it boils down to it, the show is about the ever-growing class and wealth divide in this country. 

So please, I beg you, get off your phone, run down to the Soho Theatre, watch Sacrifice while you can. Don’t do what you do in elections and referendums; stop ignoring and start acting. Watch this show, try to tell me you don’t see and hear some familiarities. This here is art imitating life. 

Sacrifice runs at the Soho Theatre until 4th August

photo credit: Mark Douet