A Christmas Carol (LMTO), Lyceum Theatre | Review

Tuesday 19 December 2017

A Christmas Carol (LMTO) 
Lyceum Theatre
Reviewed on Monday 18th December 2017 by Olivia Mitchell 

The London Musical Theatre Orchestra have a stellar reputation and provide theatrical treat after treat, this time in the form of Charles Dickens' festive favourite, A Christmas Carol. With the shows composer Alan Menken in attendance, the Lyceum theatre was a buzz of excitement and festivity and the LMTO provided a wonderful night of music and jovial entertainment.

A Christmas Carol is simple and easy to follow, telling the story of a rich, isolated man who is visited by the ghosts of Christmas past, present and future as they show him the error of his ways and the importance of love and sharing. A heart-warming tale, it's perfect for people of all ages during the build up to Christmas.

Robert Lindsay reprises his role as the money-hungry Ebenezer Scrooge and is perfect for the role.  He is miserable but endearing at once as he brings humour to the "bah humbug" persona. I would love to see how Lindsay would perform in a fully staged production, I imagine his stellar portrayal would be even more entertaining and bold.

The entire cast are stellar with standout performances coming from Gemma Sutton as the Ghost of Christmas Past, Lucie Jones as Emily and Nicolas Colicos as Mr Fezziwig. Each performer gave their all both vocally and acting wise, really allowing the audience to use their imaginations and immerse themselves in the world Dickens created, despite the lack of sets and props. The children of the cast were equally brilliant with Ivy Pratt a vocal stand out for me.

The music truly does speak for itself and is really shown off when it's so stripped back. Seeing musicians, led by Freddie Tapner, enjoy what they're doing so much really transfers to the audience and provides a warm, intimate feeling throughout and it's always special to hear a score played by a full orchestra.

The LMTO give consistently brilliant performances and A Christmas Carol is no exception. A delightful production with glorious music it really is a treat and I would love for it to become a regular feature every festive season.

photo credit: Nick Rutter