10 Reasons You Should See In The Heights

Monday 30 May 2016

Shock horror! Another post about In The Heights! In case you still haven't seen the show, here are ten reasons why you should definitely take a trip down to the barrio!

If you want some background information on the show check out my review here and if you fancy reading a cast interview, there's one here.

1. The Music- Obviously there would be no show without the music but Lin's unique blend of rap, hip-hop and latin vibes is just out of this world. From the opening notes you are pulled into the world of Washington Heights, your pulse will rise, your feet will tap and you will be singing the songs non-stop. A word of wisdom though: if you sing the songs 24/7 your friends will get annoyed and you'll be put on a singing ban.... not that it's stopped me mind you!

2. The Cast- Of all the shows I've seen, this cast is one of the absolute best. Not only is everyone ridiculously talented but they're all so lovely and genuine. This cast have got to be one of the most versatile casts on the West End. They switch roles and cover characters completely effortlessly at the drop of a hat. Personally I've seen tonnes of variations and whoever is playing who they always seem to gel! Of course Jocasta Almgill gets a special shoutout for seriously being a supreme swing and as once (that I've seen) being the only ensemble member but STILL commanding the stage!

3. Humour- If you want a show where you'll be in your seat laughing then this is 100% the show for you. There are some cracking witty lines throughout, with Daniela (played fabulously by Phillipa Stefani) having a number of stomach ache inducing moments!

4. New York- there's something magical about watching shows set in New York so the setting of Washington Heights is just brilliant- you get to see this small community and how everyone links and intertwined. From walking into the Kings Cross theatre, you feel as if you've been transported to New York and the tube home will feel more like a subway than ever!

5. The Dancing- Being a horrific dancer myself, I get very easily jealous of good dancers so there's no shock when I say that the dancing in this show leaves me green with envy. The hip-hop moves and the latin salsa vibes not only go perfectly with the music, but are a whole show on their own. You can tell how much everyone is putting into the movement and how emotive they are about it. A particular favourite of mine is the club scene where everyone is jamming, legs are flying and crazy spins are happening. I used to do latin dance and this show just makes me regret stopping it- I may have to find someone at university who will go with me! 

6.  Romance- Because who doesn't love a bit of romance?! The love in this show both romantically and as family and friends is sure to leave you with a warm and fuzzy feeling as you leave the theatre!

7. The Atmosphere- In The Heights has an atmosphere which I've never experienced before, there's just a buzz and happiness all around. The Kings Cross theatre is so intimate that you really feel like you're part of the show. If you have time to hang around before or after the show, be sure to chill in the bar for a little while and see if you can resist dancing along to the music!

8. The Storyline- How could I do a post telling you why you should see this show without mentioning the storyline!? Well its set over the course of three days and tells the story of a group of people living in Washington Heights. What I love is how all the characters intertwine with each other and how you can really feel the community. Its a beautiful story which is just played brilliantly.

9. Its An Olivier Award Winning Show- In The Heights won 3 Olivier awards this year. If that's not enough to make you want to see it then I don't know what will be?!

10. The Feeling You Leave With- This show is not only a fantastic piece of musical theatre in terms of the acting, singing and dancing, but it has a beautiful story which leaves you feeling happy and uplifted. You can't help but smile, when I leave I just feel like singing and dancing and hugging all my family and friends. It really makes you feel grateful for the people in your life.