Soap, Spiegeltent | Review

Reviewed on Thursday 10th May by Lucy Jardine 

On a sunny evening in May, spending an evening in a dark circus tent might seem like a bit of a waste of the good weather. Why would you want to avoid the sun and warmth to sit in the dark and get wet too? Don’t we get enough of that already?? The sacrifice was, however, worth it. What a fun, uplifting 70 minutes! 

The show, somewhat erroneously entitled Soap (there is no soap in evidence, just lots of water) is, in essence, an acrobatic show by six extremely skilled acrobats from across the globe: Russia, Canada, Germany, Ethiopia, Spain, Portugal and Germany, where the company hails from. Their unique device is to use bath tubs and water to display their skills, and are accompanied by a wide range of music, sung by the American soprano Jennifer Lindshield

From trapeze work, to juggling, partner acrobatics, the aerial hoop and yes, using baths and water as their props, these performers are at the top of their game. What makes them stand out is not just their strength and agility, but the combination of these with gracefulness, humour and a little bit of audience participation. 

The tent is small, enabling spectators to get up close and personal with each of the performers as they perform their acts individually and collectively. 

If you want to spend an hour of pure entertainment and have some fun into the bargain, don’t miss it – as long as you don’t mind getting a little damp!

Soap is at the Spiegeltent until June 17th

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  1. I'm gutted I'll miss this at Underbelly, it sounds and looks fantastic! I loved your review :)