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Wednesday 11 September 2019

The Play That Goes Wrong, The Duchess Theatre | Review

The Play That Goes Wrong
The Duchess Theatre 
Reviewed on Tuesday 10th September 2019 by Olivia Mitchell 

The Play That Goes Wrong and all of Mischief Theatre's productions have gained somewhat of a cult following thanks to their un-stuffy, melodramatic and outrageously slapstick set ups, which thrill regular theatre goers and less frequent attenders alike. The show throws buckets of energy out as it takes on the form of a whodunnit and is authentically British.

The story follows an amateur dramatic group, the Cornley Polytechnic Drama Society, as they attempt to wow audiences with their version of the 1920s murder mystery The Murder at Haversham Manor. Well what follows is a production that is less wow and more woe. The sets collapse, the plot goes wrong and literal anarchy ensues. Thankfully for us, this is all done with hilarious humour as the cast embody the motto that the show must go on. 

Everything about this production is choreographed chaos, as every trick and accident is pulled off with such a natural flow that it feels improvised, but in reality is precisely organised. Daring tricks are carried out as actors fall from the ceiling, jump out of windows and play their own version of twister as they try to keep the set and props in place. 

At times the production does teeter on the edge of being too slapstick but most of the time it beautifully draws back to remain funny. This really is a show down to personal taste and for some it'll will certainly be too over the top and not enough thespian but for a completely carefree night of theatre, there's no reason to miss it.

Thanks to the wonderfully strong cast, this production rattles along with efficiency and intensity. Often breaking the fourth wall and including the audience in the action, this really becomes a raucous piece of communal theatre. With pantomime antics and tricks which will keep you on your toes, The Play That Goes Wrong is a belly-laugh inducing piece of theatre which will continue to entertain and surprise during it's fifth year in London. 

The Play That Goes Wrong, The Duchess Theatre | Review

Wednesday 11 September 2019

Friday 15 February 2019

Peter Pan Goes Wrong, Sydney Lyric Theatre | Review

Peter Pan Goes Wrong
Sydney Lyric Theatre 
Reviewed on Wednesday 13th February 2019 by Amy Mitchell 

Peter Pan Goes Wrong is a theatrical disaster panto crammed with slapstick calamities and magic misadventures. The production is framed around the JM Barrie classic and follows the formula that delighted past audiences with The Play That Goes Wrong, from the same creators Mischief Worldwide Theatre Company. 

We’re introduced to a fictional and farcical troupe of amateur dramatists come outright nincompoops and their hapless attempt at putting on a play of Peter Pan. The scene is set on a revolving stage encompassing the Darling’s nursery, Neverland, the lagoon and a pirate ship. From the opening scene pandemonium explodes with absurd tomfoolery and monstrous malfunctions - lines are fluffed up, there are trips and falls galore, bunk-beds collapse, infidelities are exposed, stage-hands and props go rogue, Captain Hook has a minor emotional breakdown, Peter is concussed and Tinkerbell almost snuffs it. 

A wildly energetic ensemble cast with brilliant comic timing have the audience chortling at the relentless abundance of frantic visual comedy, corny gags and quick change disasters. Where it’s light on musical numbers (although one will have you toe tapping home) it’s brimming with exuberant physical wit. 

The cast are multi-task magicians, with stand-out performances from Tammy Weller jumping hysterically between housekeeper Liza, Mary Darling, Tiger-Lily and Tinkerbell and Jordan Prosser flitting between 4 year old Michael Darling (complete with baby pink pyjamas), desperate but loveable Max and unwitting underdog hero, the crocodile. Francine Cain triumphs with an over-acted shimmy-athon as Sandra and Wendy Darling and Connor Crawford’s patriarchal parodies as the director, Daddy Darling and Captain Hook are wonderful. 

With only a smattering of surprises, the audience could anticipate the choreographed mayhem before it happened, and while the repetition stifled a few extra laughs, you’d be hard pressed not to maintain a delighted grin throughout at the playful and precise absurdity of it all. 

Peter Pan Goes Wrong runs at the Sydney Lyric Theatre until 3rd March 2019

photo credit: David Watson

Peter Pan Goes Wrong, Sydney Lyric Theatre | Review

Friday 15 February 2019

Tuesday 30 January 2018

The Play That Goes Wrong (UK Tour), Storyhouse | Review

The Play That Goes Wrong (UK Tour) 
Reviewed on Monday 29th January 2018 by Becca Cromwell

The Mischief Theatre company, founded in 2008, is well known for providing family entertainment and great comedy and they certainly didn't disappoint with the UK Tour of the West End hit, The Play That Goes Wrong. This is not the first time their shows have been on tour, with Peter Pan Goes Wrong being a massive hit in 2014. I went in with high expectations. 

Before the house lights went down, members of the cast were walking around the auditorium asking the unsuspecting audience members whether they had seen a dog. Causing mischief before the show even started. They asked an audience member to help them fix the mantlepiece on the stage, which in due course turned to chaos. 

As the lights dim, we are introduced to Cornley Polytechnic Drama Society, who are putting on a performance of Murder at Haversham Manor... The society is famed for its bad productions! They begin the first act of their play, and it all goes downhill from there and side-splitting hilarity ensued. 

With very few cast members, I was surprised at how well put together  the whole show was. The stunts and physical work especially were extremely impressive from all cast members. 

Kazeem Tosin Amore played Robert (Thomas Colleymoore) and gave an impressive performance. His gravity-defying stunts in the study were envious! 

Bobby Hirston as Max (Cecil/Gardener) was incredibly funny, with his performance gaining laughs more or less every minute he was onstage. 

Jake Curran brought the Director/Inspector to life with great vigour. With great physical work and hilariously over the top acting as the Inspector it was certainly a memorable performance!

Catherine Dryden played techie turned star Annie, who saves the show in its moment of need and was hilarious in doing so. Definitely a standout of the show. 

Steven Rostance gave a hilarious performance as the 'murdered' Charles Haversham, who gained large applause when he finally did get the right scene. 

Elena Valentine played Sandra (Florence Colleymoore), and gave an exciting performance, particularly towards the end in the 'two Florences' scene. 

A special mention must go to Gabriel Paul, who played Trevor, the Duran Duran loving sound technican. Hilarity ensued every time Gabriel entered the stage. 

Benjamin McMahon portrayed Dennis (Perkins) well, using superb and memorable facial expressions throughout.

Fair to say I enjoyed the show. The rest of the audience loved it too, with many leaving with tears of laughter still rolling down their cheeks. 

The use of set was fantastic. Everything was so well organised and well timed that pieces repeatedly falling down should not have been as funny the second or third time round, but were! Pieces of set collapsing, blowing up and coming off are not easy to time right on top of saying lines and remembering to act, so the tech team and stage hands and directors need their very own round of applause for this alone. 

The cast took their bows to extremely well deserved rapturous applause. Bravo to them all!

The Play That Goes Wrong is on a major UK tour until October, so grab your tickets while you can!

Photo Credit: Robert Day

The Play That Goes Wrong (UK Tour), Storyhouse | Review

Tuesday 30 January 2018