Privacy Policy

What happens to your personal data when it’s collected at
You may have signed up for email notification when a new blog is published (under ‘Contact Form’ or the little Email icon on the right hand side of the site.) All that is visible to site admins is your email address – no other data is available. You can choose to opt out of these notifications at any time through your emails..
If you leave a comment on any blog post, it has to be approved by site admin before it is published. This will display your username & avatar only as an identifier. If you have a google+ account the comment will also link back to that.
This website uses cookies to help improve the user experience – they track your behaviour as you browse the site and remember when you access it, but do not store personal data. They accumulate on whichever device you access the site with. You do have the option to disable cookies via your browser, should you wish to.
Blogspot Stats allows site admin to track the number of visitors and views on a daily, weekly, monthly & yearly basis, which is vital in assessing post popularity and site traffic. It also provides some location data, telling us which country the site is accessed from (and the number of hits); this is a general overview, and can in no way be used as a personal identifier. 
Please get in touch with Olivia at if you have any queries or feedback regarding how your data is used or anything else pertaining to the site.