Rewrite This Story is a website, founded by Olivia Mitchell, that's dedicated to theatre of all types and everything surrounding it. Olivia started this site in late 2015 as a place to share her thoughts on theatre just for fun. Since then, it has become more cohesive and now includes a team of over 20 reviewers around the UK and even in Australia and the USA. As a Classical singer, Olivia has a particular interest in vocal performances and techniques so focusses on that in her reviews and interviews.
Olivia also started a YouTube channel where she chronicles her theatrical adventures as well as incorporating lifestyle videos.

Rewrite This Story won the 2017 Theatre Community Award for BEST THEATRE BLOG.
Part of Rewrite This Story's review was featured on the DVD cover for the UK release of Bitter Harvest.

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*For the majority of reviews we receive complimentary tickets for the shows in return for an honest review*