Meet Me In The Margins by Melissa Ferguson Book Review

Monday 28 February 2022

Meet Me In The Margins by Melissa Ferguson
Published: 15th February 2022 by Thomas Nelson

Meet Me in the Margins is an absolute treat of a book. Featuring workplace romance, publishing, loveable characters and a sort of love triangle, it has all the ingredients for a bookish lovers ideal read.

Savannah Cade is a low-level editor at Pennington Publishing, a prestigious publisher producing only the highest of highbrow titles. And while editing the latest edition of The Anthology of Medieval Didactic Poetry may be her day job, she has two secrets she’s hiding.

One: She’s writing a romance novel.

Two: She’s discovered the Book Nook—a secret room in the publishing house where she finds inspiration for her “lowbrow” hobby.

After leaving her manuscript behind one afternoon, she returns to the nook only to discover someone has written notes in the margins. Savannah’s first response to the criticism is defensive, but events transpire that force her to admit that she needs the help of this shadowy editor after all. As the notes take a turn for the romantic, and as Savannah’s madcap life gets more complicated than ever, she uses the process of elimination to identify her mysterious editor—only to discover that what she truly wants and what she should want just might not be the same. Melissa Ferguson’s latest—a love letter to books, readers, and romance—will leave fans laughing out loud and swooning in the same breath.

I loved the plot of this story and was engaged from the moment I started reading, right until the last page. The mystery and romance was cute, quirky and funny but the book also featured some really interesting discussions on family, as well as the publishing world. What's also great is how slowly the romance developed. There was no insta-love in sight and instead the pair unknowingly build up a really strong emotional connection. It's a bit like Love is Blind really!

There are all the classic features of a rom-com, of course starting with a meet-cute! But what's so great about this book is that it's very self aware and acknowledges the cliches in a way that is humourous and entertaining.

Character wise I really rooted for the main protagonist, Savannah. In a family of overachievers she constantly felt inferior and like she wasn't achieving enough in her life. I found myself sympathising with her and willing her on throughout. I loved reading about her strong work ethic and also how she managed her social life as well. Her best friend Lyla is a brilliant character too, I could definitely read a spin-off book about her adventures! Overall I found all the characters to be pretty well rounded and there was a good level of development and back story to make you understand their actions and the motivations behind them.

If you want a wonderful romance with great tension and references to make your bookish heart soar, then this is definitely the book for you.

{AD PR product- book gifted in exchange for honest review}