Warner Bros Studio Tour: Gringotts Wizarding Bank Review

Saturday 6 April 2019

Harry Potter may have first hit shelves over twenty years ago but the love is still real and fans are able to keep the magic alive through Warner Bros. Studio Tour which features the actual sets and props from the film franchise and transports you to Hogwarts.

This week I was invited to a special event to celebrate the opening of the new Gringotts Wizarding Bank (officially opens today!) addition to the tour and it was really wonderful. My only previous visit was in 2012 and since then, the expansion has been exceptional. You now get the chance to explore the Forbidden Forest, Privet Drive, Platform 9¾ and so much more, and whilst you know you're on a set, the presentation is wonderful and every inch is photo worthy (watch our vlog of the tour here and see my instagram posts here.)

Whether you're a Potter Super Fan or just like a bit of magic in your life, you're sure to find treat upon treat in this tour. Not only do you see the sets and probs, but you get a behind the scenes look at how everything came to be. There's an entire section dedicated to the creation of the goblin prosthetics as well as a close up look at the intricate designs for every aspect of the Wizarding World. It's truly amazing to see the detail that went into making this such a successful franchise.

Gringotts itself is luxurious and elaborate. Epic chandeliers dangle overhead stern looking goblins who man the desks. Wizarding cheque books and quills are scattered around just waiting for a witch or wizard to make a deposit.

After seeing Gringotts in all its glory, you get to see it destroyed... and the dragon that destroyed it (menacing indeed)! The Lestrange Vault is also open to the public and is a magpie's dream, full of glittering coins and glistening jewels.

Throughout the tour the Harry Potter score is playing and will really make you feel as though you're going to see Ron round any corner or accidentally find yourself at a game of Quidditch. The atmosphere is mystical enough to make you really believe in magic.

If the tour is not enough of a feast for your eyes, there's also the new and improved gift shop at the end which is an experience of its own. Perfectly curated, it feels like an adventure in itself. Whilst it is quite pricey, there's a selection of amazing items to feast your eyes on.

Gringotts and the entire Studio Tour is a must see for all wizards, witches and muggles. Leave yourself a lot of time to explore this magical world and allow yourself to revel in the wonder of Harry Potter.

{AD PR Invite- tickets gifted in exchange for honest review}