The Mousetrap, St Martins Theatre | Review

Friday 13 April 2018

The Mousetrap
St Martins Theatre
Reviewed on Thursday 12th April 2018 by Shaun Dicks

The Mousetrap at the St Martins Theatre has been a staple of the West End for many years. Sixty years in fact, making it the longest running show in the world. As we were told at the beginning of the night’s performance ‘Not bad for a show that Agatha Christie hoped would have a nice little eight month run’. Agatha Christie and her works are a pillar of English literature and was a true trailblazer of the ‘Who Dunnit?’. The 12th April 2018 was its 60th anniversary gala, celebrating the prestige and longevity that all shows dream of. 

The plot of the show is simple enough, eight seemingly random people of all different backgrounds and histories come together to a guest house, one being a police officer trying to crack the latest high-profile murder case that could involve those staying there. But with heavy snow falling and no communication to the outside, the games begin. There is another murder in the guest house, and it’s anyone’s guess who committed the crime. 

The Mousetrap takes you back to a different era, where the pioneering technology is the ‘Wireless’, today known to us as a radio, where there are no televisions or mobile phones; where seclusion really meant seclusion. The show is very much a delight, the first half was full of rich language, situational humour and a wonderful classic aesthetic. It’s wonderful to be immersed in such a stylised and all-encompassing world. The second half was equally inclusive of all these qualities, but as the investigation broke down and we got to the gritty part of the story, it felt a little bit clunky; a minor flaw in an otherwise wonderful night of entertainment. 

It is a wonderful feat to become the longest running show ever, and it adds to the already glittering prestige of Agatha Christie. It’s a wonderful night of classic British entertainment. Do you want to know who dunnit? Go down to the St Martins theatre to find out.