Honest Lies, Etcetera Theatre | Review

Wednesday 7 March 2018

Honest Lies 
Etcetera Theatre 
Reviewed on Tuesday 6th March 2018 by Shaun Dicks

‘Amateurs do it for fun, artists do it to live.’

This is one of many quotable moments of Honest Lies. The show is a commentary of the Theatre Industry as a whole; it’s peaks, it’s troughs and everything in-between. It tells the story of Claire and Sam, a couple, who are both actors. Claire has just delivered the performance of her life, or so she thinks. When she returns home, Sam is waiting for her, and gives a very blunt opinion of her performance. We follow their night as they fight, make up, practise Shakespeare with Gummy Bears and descend into an unexpected twist.

The script written by Christopher Walthorne is flowing, frank and prophetic. The script is really well written, containing deliciously sizzling dialogue and a very well-crafted commentary on theatre. One stunning moment of commentary was delivered by Claire played by Georgie Matthews, where she gave an unapologetic monologue about the state of female roles in modern theatre and the position of women in theatre. Matthews lets the words out with a passion that is second to none; she was saying what every woman in theatre wish they could say. Matthews delivers a well-rounded performance, with a fully fleshed out and realised character. 

Sam, played by Alexander Jeremy was another wonderful performance, giving a scathing but humorous character who is a contradiction in himself. His performance is well pitched and gives a good contrast in energies in the beginning of the piece.

The Etcetera theatre is in the colourful and artistic Camden. It’s part of a great group of theatres that do a box office split, therefore supporting new and innovative new work like Honest Lies. This show has an amazing twist that surprised me in the best way possible, it is something that I have never seen before in theatre. I sincerely hope that this show has a long life ahead of it. It deserves to be seen in its limited run and taken further, onto a larger stage. If you want something different and innovative, Honest Lies is for you. Check it out and support new theatre.  

Honest Lies runs at the Etcetera Theatre until March 10th