Good Girl, Trafalgar Studios | Review

Thursday 8 March 2018

Good Girl
Trafalgar Studios
Reviewed on Wednesday 7th March 2018 by Shaun Dicks  

I have always had a soft spot for one person shows. I believe that it takes such skill to carry a full show on a singular pair of shoulders. Today, on International Women’s Day, I am writing about the one woman show, Good Girl. This show is everything society should be. We follow the story of GG from her informative years in the 90’s all the way into her early 30’s in 2018. We follow GG as she discovers her body, emotions and the primitive nature of humanity. This show is an uncompromising and honest story of a woman finding her way, wading through the darkness without a torch. 

The show is written and performed by Naomi Sheldon. Sheldon is a star. She is hilarious, honest and real. Her storytelling is so in depth and vivid, from her use of accents (which were perfection) to her clearly defined multiple characters, who she transitioned between seamlessly. What really strikes me in Sheldon’s work is her vulnerability, she is unafraid to show real and ugly emotions, it's truly beautiful. She says what everyone else is afraid to say when it comes to emotions and expression. 

In contrast to the catalogue of emotional expression, the show is gut-bustlingly funny. The script is littered with many a hilarious scenario and joke. Multiple times I cried with laughter. Sheldon uses music, physical theatre, accents and the wonderful words to tell a beautiful, and necessary story. In the world of theatre, which is a world of imitating reality, Naomi Sheldon’s show is the closest you will get to real. 

This show is so beautiful. It is honest and real. It is essential viewing for every woman in the world, but also every man. It gives an understanding to the human condition when it comes to emotions and discovery. The show is relatable whether you’re a man or a woman. 

Naomi Sheldon is an incredibly talented human being, an intelligent writer and actress, but also a very honest woman. From her alternative poster in the programme, where she shared hostile reactions about the show, to the plethora of emotions in the show; this show and Sheldon’s talents deserve to be recognised. I hope this show has life past its current run because everyone needs to see this.  

Good Girl runs at Trafalgar Studios until March 31st

photo credit: Felicity Crawshaw