Lobster, Theatre 503 | Review

Thursday, 11 January 2018

Theatre 503 
Reviewed on Wednesday 10th January 2018 by Shaun Dicks

Theatre 503 is renowned for new writing. Its reputation precedes itself for creating fresh, innovative and thought-provoking work. Tonight, their offering was Lobster, not the food, but the new play by Lucy Foster. The thing with new work, especially previously untested work, is that it can be very hit or miss. Lobster is like an edge to first slip, it was neither a hit or a miss.

Lobster is the story of J and K, two young professional women in London. We follow them throughout this story as they narrate through their relationship history. J (Alexandra Reynolds) is the loveable geek who is almost unbelievably nice. Reynolds did a decent job playing J but it felt like it all fell on one note with her. It didn’t feel like a completely realised character and needs more work to really capture who J is as a character. Overall she felt quite bland. However, K (Louise Beresford) felt like a slightly more well-rounded character. Despite the character being very stiff, there is a dry humour about her that as an audience member you can’t help but laugh. K is a more well-rounded character because of her inability to let herself be happy, she is her own saboteur.

The story itself is a good one, it is one that needs to be told. In the modern age of technology, dating and relationships have become so much harder. It’s a minefield. But the script itself, though humorous, needs work. It needs tightening up in certain places and would benefit from a workshop or two and a fresh set of eyes. The direction from Kayla Feldman is standard but needs to be developed and worked further so that it can become special.

This show has the potential to be something special, the story is there, but there are certain aspects that need tightening or a metaphorical jolt in the arm. There is too heavy a reliance on modern culture for humour to land, the characters need development and the overall presentation of the piece needs work. If the show is to go any further, changes need to be made. The show as it is now is ok but it deserves to be better.

Lobster runs at Theatre 503 until January 20th 2018

photo credit: Ali Wright