La Soiree, Aldwych Theatre | Review

Tuesday, 5 December 2017

La Soiree
Aldwych Theatre 
Reviewed on Monday 4th December 2017 by Olivia Mitchell 

La Soiree is an Australian-born variety show which premiered in London in 2010. Evolved from La Clique which debuted at the Edinburgh Fringe in 2004, it features a whole roster of artists and acrobatics and definitely makes for an entertaining night.

Whilst it is entertaining, I must say this I don't feel that The Aldwych is the perfect venue to showcase it. Being too close to the front or too far back means you miss a lot of the action. I also feel that the large space of the Aldwych makes the show feel commercialised and takes away the intimate feel which is so special in variety performances; the way the round has been created also prohibits the freedom for some acts. Although the theatre is large, the way the stage has been designed means the acts have very little space in which to showcase themselves.

However, the show itself has some spectacular moments and is full of energy. Personal favourite moments included LJ Marles's aerial performance to 'Dirty Diana', Mallakhamb India's exhilarating act in which they spring up a pole with extreme ease and agility and Amy G's hilarious flamenco scene in which an audience member, Willy, was hilarious placed in the action. Her quick wit brought on side-splitting laughter!

Although I enjoyed most of the acts, I felt the pacing was a little funny and some things fell as little flat. The Daredevil Chicken act for example, was a complete 180 on what had come before and was not to my taste. Whilst throwing pieces of banana from one mouth to another is very impressive when I can't even catch one piece of popcorn, macerated food being spat into one another's mouths is not for me. Of course this is done to get a reaction but didn't feel to me like it fit with the rest of the show.

Overall however, I did enjoy the show. It's genuinely funny and extremely impressive. From Fancy Chance swirling from the ceiling by her hair to Leon and Klodi's emotive dance, there's definitely something everyone will enjoy and it's the perfect show to have a little tipple at in the build up to Christmas!

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photo credit: Brinkhoff Mogenburg